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No Time for Nonsense

When I first discovered the Financial Independence Retire Early community a few years ago, I went click crazy and subscribed to lots of email newsletters.

Everything was so new to me and the learning curve was steep.

I was reading so much stuff.

As I became familiar with the ideas of FI, I found many of the newsletters I subscribed to became repetitive.

With a new family, working towards promotion and further studies, I found I had less time to consume news and blogs.

That’s when I started looking around for an alternative.

Being cheap frugal, whatever I opted for had to be free.

Surely there was someone out there who reads all finance related stuff, bin the crap and then deliver only the important bits in a newsletter.

That’s when I discovered Finimize and I’ve been subscribed to them not long after they launched.

A few days ago, I found out another service: The Morning Brew.  This was after another fellow blogger, Steve @ Think Save Retire posted a review of his own.  Go check it out!

On the face of it, both daily newsletters seem to offer the same thing: a summary of the financial news.

Just like both newsletters, I will keep the review short and sweet.

So lets put them both in the ring and see who comes out on top: The Morning Brew vs. Finimize.

Ding! Ding!


The Weigh In

The-Morning-Brew-Logo - Cashflow Cop Police Financial Independence
The Morning Brew
Finimize-Logo - Cashflow Cop Police Financial Independence
  • Launched 2015
  • Based in New York, US
  • A daily business newsletter
  • 1,000,000+ subscribers
  • FREE
  • Tagline:

“Become smarter in just 5 minutes”

  • Launched 2015
  • Based in London, UK
  • A daily finance newsletter
  • 400,000+ subscribers
  • FREE
  • Tagline:

“Understand today’s financial news within 3 minutes”

The Morning Brew

I’ve only been using The Morning Brew for a few days.  

The newsletter is designed to be read within five minutes and always starts off with the markets.  

Here’s a snapshot of the 8th June 2019 Morning Brew:

The-Morning-Brew-snapshot - Cashflow Cop Police Financial Independence
Morning Brew newsletter from 8th June, 2019

It is well written.  Witty and pithy.

It’s also educational:

The-Morning-Brew-Snapshot - Cashflow Cop Police Financial Independence
Morning Brew newsletter from 8th June, 2019

It is early days for me, but I sense it is more US focused, but that’s not a bad thing.  If you invest in a global index, then it is weighted heavily towards the US anyways!

It’s only a five minute read, and it’s a good read at that.

I’m going to stay subscribed.  


I’ve been subscribed to Finimize for a few years now.  

It has been my daily read in the morning or just before bed.

Here’s a snapshot of the 6th June 2019 Finimize:

Finimize-Snapshot - Cashflow Cop Police Financial Independence
Finimize newsletter from 6th June, 2019

Just like The Morning Brew, Finimize is full of humour.  I love the graphics they use each morning because it always makes me smile.  

What I particularly like are the sections they use:

  • What’s going on?
  • What does this mean?
  • What should I care?
    • For Markets
    • The Bigger Picture

It also has a Q&A section which I find very useful:

Finimize-Snapshot - Cashflow Cop Police Financial Independence
Finimize newsletter from 7th June, 2019

And the Winner Is…

This will sound like a cop out (no pun intended), but I love them both.

Each have their own unique style, but are brilliant at giving me just what I need to know, using simple language and with a dose of humour.

It only takes 8 minutes of my time and I start or end my day more aware of what’s going on in the world without having to trawl through rubbish in the usual news outlets

Come on, it takes me longer to take a dump!

It’s totally worth subscribing to and if you don’t like it, just unsubscribe.

Let me know what you think of them.

Signup to The Morning Brew

Signup to Finimize 


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4 thoughts on “The Morning Brew vs. Finimize – Financial News Summarised for Busy People

  1. Caveman Reply

    Thanks for these CC. I have to confess that I wasn’t aware of either of these.

    I have a work subscription to the FT so I tend to use that and bit of the The Guardian and BBC websites. Having said that, as essentially an investor in passive index trackers daily information may just cause stress about market changes (both positive and negative) that I have no intention of doing anything about!

    On the other side more information is usually good so as these newsletters look like great resources I may well sign up.

    • Cashflow Cop Post author

      I’m a passive index investor as well but personally don’t find the daily information to be stressful. I can understand how it can be for some though.

      I signed up to them because I just like to be more aware of what is happening around the financial world but have no intention of doing anything about it.

      I think people need to be honest with themselves and make the right choice. If they would be too tempted to act on daily information, then this isn’t for them. However, I would assume they block out all other news outlets which are more scare mongering. Otherwise, there’s no point and they might as well sign up to something like this which in my opinion is much better.

  2. Enoch Reply

    I have been hearing about the morning brew for a while. Your review post finally got me to take action!

    • Cashflow Cop Post author

      Yeah, give them a try. Finimize is also great for different reasons – they seem to cover more global events.

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