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Our Numbers - From the very beginning - Cashflow Cop Police Financial Independence


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After giving it some thought, I have decided to share most of our numbers apart from our net worth.  I hope the numbers I have decided to share will help to provide some context into how we are hoping to achieve FI.  I will continue to update this page which will provide a summary of our numbers as well as a timeline of our journey towards FI.  

You can see our numbers in more detail broken down for each tax year by clicking on the relevant buttons below.  I will document from the tax year 2016 – 2017 onwards.  In all honesty, I just haven’t got the time write up everything going back further, but the summary on this page should give you an idea of how we managed our finances before we found out about FI.


Savings Rate

Whilst I was studying, my savings rate was zero.  It is not something I am proud about and in hindsight, I should have set some money aside sooner for an emergency.  However, I did manage to save up for a Masters degree without taking on more debt to fund it.  As soon as I started working properly, I really focused and started to squirrel away money properly.  In 2015, our savings rate jumped because Mrs. CC and I decided to pool our resources together.  To this day, we still ask each other why we waited so long?!  Perhaps it had something to with our three or four holidays a year.  We have actually returned from holiday to immediately take another flight to go on another one!  That’s a story for another time.  

The chart below shows my savings rate since I was old enough to work.


Savings Rate - Tax Year 2000-2017 - Cashflow Cop Police Financial Independence
[Updated – 26/05/18]


Consumer Debt

Mrs. CC has never had any consumer debt.  She has used credit cards, but only to obtain points and she always paid off her balance in full every month.  The chart below shows my consumer debts over the years.  The total includes my credit card debts, personal loans and student loan.  We currently have no consumer debts and I have no intention of taking on any more in the future.  


Consumer Debt - Tax Year 2016-2017 - Cashflow Cop Police Financial Independence


Mortgage Debts

We see property as a valuable asset class which helps us to diversify.  The chart below shows our mortgage debts over the years.  We are currently aggressively playing down these mortgages.  In the interest of transparency, I was only able to buy Property 1 due to a small informal loan which I have paid off.  Property 2 was purchased with my parents.  They own a 20% share, with myself and Mrs. CC owning the remainder 80%.  Property 3 was purchased with a small inheritance Mrs. CC received together with some savings.  We both acknowledge and are grateful for what we have and what has been gifted to us.  Receiving an inheritance comes with it alot of responsibility.  We are very conscious to ensure that we not only protect this inheritance but ensure that it grows for future generations.  We were not tempted in the slightest to use a single penny of it to go on holiday or buy a new car.  I will write about this more in another post.  The chart below also shows the predicted mortgage balances over the next few years. 


Mortgages - Tax Year 2016-2017 - Cashflow Cop Police Financial Independence



The timeline below shows our personal finance journey and our discovery of FI.  Some of the dates I have selected a random month or day as a precaution to disguise our identity.  

Hello Cashflow Cop!

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£ Finance Update

£ Finance Update

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