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What Is This About?

Humans of FI (HoF) is about sharing stories of people who have achieved financial independence, still on the journey or only just beginning.  It also includes people who feel FI may not be for them for whatever reason, but still want to get their finances in order.  

The aim:

“To inspire and motivate others to start their journey towards financial independence regardless of setbacks or struggles they’ve had to overcome in life.”

These posts tend to be longer than usual because I choose not to limit these unique stories to a word count.

I’ve said it before, financial independence with the option to retire early is so much more than the money, numbers, ratios and spreadsheets.  What I find most interesting is the human element behind the pound, dollar or euro signs. 

It is the stories which each of us have that make our journey unique.

It can’t just be the chase of money. 

There must be something much more.

“Less about the numbers.  Everything about the people.”

These posts are less concerned about the financial side of things but more on understanding why people have decided to take this uncommon path.  More importantly, what is it that continues to drive them to pursue this dream where so many fail to even take the first step.

The stories are raw and un-sanitised.  

I hope that they provide inspiration to help motivate you towards whatever it is you want in life, be it financial independence or otherwise.


How To Get Involved

Get in touch if you have a story to share and you might be featured anonymously (if you choose).

It is important that I reiterate that I am not a financial advisor and will not be offering financial advice.  

This is an opportunity to share your story, help others discover their own spark and track your progress over time (with a revisit post in the future).

It is open to everyone, bloggers and non-bloggers alike. 

The only condition: you’re a human!

If you would like to get involved, please contact me.

I will respond to you and we’ll take it from there.  

Humans of FI

An Immigrant Cop's Perspective - Cashflow Cop Police Financial IndependenceI’ll start this off with a story about myself, how my family escaped a war-torn country to seek opportunities here in the UK and why financial independence is so important to me.

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Humans of FI - Story 2 - Tony's Story - Cashflow Cop Police Financial IndependenceTony wanted a new start in life and packed everything up in Spain to make the UK his new home. He is at the start of his journey towards financial independence, but has already learnt some invaluable lessons.

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Humans of FI - Story 3 - John's Story - Cashflow Cop Police Financial IndependenceJohn is a multi-millionaire, but is very down to earth and humble. His family has never earned a salary of more than $100k but have managed to be FI in his 40s. How did he do this?

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Humans of FI - Story 4 - Fred's Story - Cashflow Cop Police Financial IndependenceFred is from the Philippines. After experiencing a natural disaster and personal loss, he started a new life in the UK. He is considering geo-arbitrage to fast-track his time to FI.

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Humans of FI - Rich's Story - Cashflow Cop Police Financial IndependenceRich and his wife are in their 20s and have moderate incomes. They don’t intend to leave the work force completely and instead use semi-retirement as a way to pursue their passions.

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Humans of FI - Lauren's Story - Cashflow Cop Police Financial IndependenceLauren and husband are in their mid 30s but have already achieved financial independence. They still choose to work, but how did a little boy who once sold bread on the streets get so close to being a millionaire in a few years at such a young age.

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