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The personal finance blogging space is very busy, but the financial independence movement is relatively new.  Although there were people writing about this stuff decades ago, they were well before their time and before the age of the internet.  

Over the last 10 years and especially over the last few years, the FI community has really grown.  Here are just a few of blogs that I particularly enjoy.

FinCop (Financial Cop Blogs)

Arrest Your Debt

The only other personal finance blog I’ve managed to find which is also written by a cop.  He is based in the US.


Rockstar Finance

A US-based site containing a directory of personal finance blogs.  I find the newsletter the best part as they scan hundreds of blogs and select the best few articles to read on a daily basis.  

FIR€ Hub

The financial independence hub of Europe.  Similar to Rockstar Finance, it has a directory of personal finance blogs with a focus on Europe.



UK-based blogger offering investment information and strategies.  

The Escape Artist

A UK-based blogger who also offers financial coaching.  His articles inject a bit of humour into them.

Quietly Saving

A UK-based blogger documenting her journey towards financial independence sine 2014.

DIY Investor (UK)

A UK-based blogger and author who has retired from full time work and writing about his self-taught investment journey.

Simple Living in Somerset

A UK-based blogger looking to get out of the rat race early and start living simply, with intent.

The FIRE Shrink

Works for the NHS and blogs about philosophy, wellbeing and finance whilst working towards FIRE.


In my opinion, an extremely talented writer who blogs about finance with a philosophical twist.  

Ditch the Cave

Looking to escape the cave and live a happier life through Financial Independence, Life Hacking, FIRE, Contentment. A Londoner in the shires

The Property Hub

A UK-based site about property investment.


Mr Money Mustache

This was one of the first FI blog I cam across.  He is US-based.  I like his no nonsense and straight to the point approach.


A US-based blogger who writes about the simple path to wealth and his popular stock series details how to invest.  

Early Retirement Extreme

A US-based blogger who has been around for a while writing about extreme early retirement whilst also being philosophical about it.


A US-based site about using property investment to achieve financial independence.

Can I Retire Yet?

A US-based personal finance writer who retired at 50 and provides information on early retirement and financial independence.  

Money Boss

A US-based personal finance writer who blogs about mastering your money and your life.  He also writes at Get Rich Slowly.  

Mad Fientist

A well-designed website with some very useful tools and well-written articles.  Again, this is US-focused but many of the principles could be applied in the UK.

Budgets are $exy

With well over 2,000 articles, J. Money posts about personal finance in a short and snappy style: “A personal finance blog that won’t put you to sleep.”

Humans of FI


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