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If you are doing chores around the house, going for a walk or have to commute to work, podcasts are an efficient way to learn.  I tend to play my podcasts at around 1.5x speed, that way I get through new material much more quickly.  

Here are just a few of my favourites.  Some not directly related to financial independence, but I still find interesting and useful.

Choose FI

If you choose only one podcast to listen to about FI the this is the one.  They are based in America, but the concepts are applicable to us here in the UK as well.  The hosts are great and very enthusiastic!

Meaningful Money

More about general personal finance which is UK focused.  The host explains what can be complicated financial topics in a way which makes them very easy to understand.  

The Property Hub

A UK-based podcast about property investing.

Bigger Pockets

A US-based podcast about property investing.

Mad Fientist

A US-focused podcast about financial independence.  

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow

A US-based podcast about property investing.

Lifetime Cashflow through Real Estate Investing

A US-based podcast about property investing.

The Minimalists

A US-based podcast about living a more meaningful life with less.

Epic Education Radio

A podcast about family travel and alternative forms of education.

Family Adventure Podcast

Another podcast about family travel.

The Tim Ferriss Show

A business podcast where the host interviews some of the world’s highest performers from all areas of life in order to extract lessons from them.


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